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Updated 10.12.2015

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"Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the entertainment. Please relay our thanks to Jason who really was fantastic. Many of the other Mums took leaflets home as they were also impressed." Frisbee, mum to Isla (3 years old)

“A fantastic session that the children love. Kathryn captivates the children from beginning to end with her enthusiasm and fast pace, which helps them not to loose concentration. One child that I care for was quite reluctant and timid at the first session, but by the third, he was dancing along and joining in with all the songs.” Sam, mum to Oliver and child minder to Emilia and Oscar

"We've been attending the music to grow classes since Harriet was a few months old and it's been brilliant- for her as well as me. Now I am back at work, I really look forward to being able to switch off, relax and have a good sing song. An excellent opportunity for children to learn about music, rhythm and rhyme without even realising." Liz, mum to Harriet (2 years old)

"Millie-Mae has attended Music to Grow to classes in Ely since she was 6 months old. She's now over 2 years old and absolutely loves music - she sings in the house, in the car, out in her pram, in the centre of town .. and her favourite songs are those that she sings in the classes. Her obvious love of singing and musical instruments has been noted by family, friends and strangers alike - so we firmly believe we have a budding musician on our hands! The classes make music fun for the children and even after nearly 2 years of attending classes she still can't wait to leave the house on a Monday morning. Other pre-school classes have fallen along the wayside as Millie-Mae has lost interest in them, but Music to Grow to remains her favourite and we can't see that changing this side of pre-school. Her baby brother will start classes in Easter 09, when he's 5 months old, and I'm sure he'll love attending too." Tracey, mum to Millie-Mae

"I think it's important for my kids to see people playing real live instruments and get to play them too. My son loves to dance about to the songs and the music, definitely one of the highlights of our week." Christine, mum to Leon

"My little boy Patrick loves this music group. We have tried two other music groups and he hasn’t really been interested. I didn’t want to give up on music groups as Patrick really loves music, he’s always singing, humming and tapping out beats. Although he is a little shy with joining in with singing, he loves playing the instruments and is fascinated when Kathryn the music teacher plays her flute, that’s one of our favourite bits." Cathy, mum to Patrick (3 years 11 months)

"Marcus has been going to Music to Grow To sessions since he was five months old and we love it! We sing lots of the songs regularly at home and have our own collection of instruments, song mittens and scarves. He is enthralled by the "Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer" song mitten and now points to the ceiling in "Wind the Bobbin", laughs out loud when 'jumping' aboard the pirate ship in "Going Over the Sea" and claps his hands in "Hello Everybody". I particularly love "Animals Go Marching!" and was so pleased to receive the Song Word Book when we first started in January that I went straight out to purchase each of the animals to go in a song sack at home - just so that I could learn all of those words! It's bringing back lovely memories just thinking about it - I think we'd better dig out those animals tomorrow!" Natasha, mum to Marcus (15 months)

"That was exciting." Jack (age 3), Cambridge

"Play flute like Kathryn" Imogen (26 months), Cambridge

"My daughter is currently using any long rod found about the place to play the flute like Kathryn! It is a great example of what an impression her presentation of music can make on a 26 month old." Marie-Louise, Cambridge

"The group is really helping Arabella to appreciate all kinds of music." Fiona, mum to Arabella (18 months)

"We both love being at music, it is a highlight of our week!" Nadine, mum to Jessica (18 months)